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SPWF04Sx - ip_use_dhcpd

Question asked by yoann LBY on Jan 4, 2018



SPWF04Sx + UART + FW1.1.0


wifi module is set in miniAP mode. i would like to activate dhcp server. Variable is "ip_use_dhcpd" = 1 (on).

But dhcp doesn't work!

To set correctly the server dhcp, i should use variable "ip_use_dhcpc" = 1 (on). The problem is that ip_use_dhcpc is for Client!

I don't know if it's a bug or if i don't understand well server/client dhcp way.

Please Confirm?


file wifi_const.h:

#define IP_USE_DHCP_SERVER                       ""ip_use_dhcpd" 

#define IP_USE_DHCP_CLIENT                          "ip_use_dhcpc"