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Rc522 library for STM32F030C8

Question asked by droid nk on Jan 5, 2018


I've started using stm32f0 recently. I've been reading about the RFID technology and came across the famous MIFare cards and RC522 reader. I found many libraries and support for RC522 and arduino. I also found a library for stm32f103.


Are there any example code for reading and writing data onto the MI fare Classic card via Rc522 connnected to STM32F030 via SPI as i don't want to use Arduino. 


Also is there any library for rc522 compatible for stm32f030 which can assist me in sending data to the RC522 module?


I'm a new comer into the STM family so do not know much about it. Any little suggestion will also be of great assistance to me. 


Thank you.