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RESET not working when using external ST-LINK/v2 to program and debug NUCLEO STM32F103RB

Question asked by Arjun Oberai on Jan 4, 2018
Latest reply on Jan 4, 2018 by Arjun Oberai

I am programming and debugging Nucleo STM32F103RB using external ST-LINKv2. To use the external ST-LINKv2 I have removed SB2 and SB12 from the Nucleo Board (Please see the Image for the function of specific SB). 
I have connected all the pins as shown in the attached image. 
I am able to program the MCU on nucleo board but it runs when I turn the power OFF and then On(Power on reset I suppose) and it doesn't run when I just load the code to the flash. The program stops running when I press Reset Button B2 on the nucleo board . (I was running the blinky example program)

Connections of ST-LINKv2 and STM32F103RB

Even when I have to debug the program, I load the code and then turn off and then on the supply and then the debug works. (It doesn't works when I debug right after Loading the code to the flash)

My assumption: The Reset is floating that's why once it is given reset the program doesn't boots again.
 Please suggest me what could be done or what the problem is so that I can use the reset button and get the normal behavior. 


PS: I am doing this because I am using this MCU in the PCB I am designing and I will be programming my PCB using the ST-LINKv2.


Thank You in advance.