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stm8s103f2 is not able to program hex

Discussion created by Simon Lee on Jan 3, 2018
Latest reply on Jan 5, 2018 by Simon Lee

my product's board is based on stm8s003f3 mcu(TSSOP 20pin), but there was some problem in providing the chipset,

so I bought stm8s103f2 TSSOP20pin instead of buying stm8s003f3.

The problem was started in that point, I can not program our product hex(firmware) to stm8s103f2, I know it has 4kbytes flash comparing stm8s003f2 has 8kbytes, but our hex file size is under 4kbytes,

When programming it by using STVP and ST-Link/v2 SWIM, always come up the pop-up message "The device is protected". I used option byte to solve it but nothing is effect.

(the board always works good on stm8s003f3)

How to solve this problem?, is it not compatible stm8s103f2 and stm8s003f3?

My capture image and schematic, mcu picture is attached. please help me.