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UART can not DMA TO SRAM2 ?

Question asked by n.serina on Jan 3, 2018
Latest reply on Jan 3, 2018 by waclawek.jan

uint8_t *pSRAM = (uint8_t*)SRAM2_BASE;
HAL_UART_Receive_DMA(&huart2,pSRAM ,25); // uses DMA1

This code Does not put byte on SRAM2 when UART2 receives data. 


but below works 


uint8_t *pSRAM = (uint8_t*)SRAM1_BASE;
HAL_UART_Receive_DMA(&huart2,pSRAM );


When i debug the code , KEIL memory window shows bytes coming in SRAM1_BASE but not in SRAM2_BASE.