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['F446 documentation] Usage of "TDM mode" in SAI chapter

Question asked by waclawek.jan on Jan 2, 2018

SAI has no "TDM mode", so the following instances in SAI chapter of RM should be rephrased, possibly to "Free protocol is selected (SAIxy_CR1.PRTCFG = 0)".





These instances can be found easily by textual search for "TDM".



This of course is not 'F446-specific; I assume whoever will make changes in docs will do it for all related STM32 models.


I use SAIxy_CR1 instead of the official SAI_ACR1 / SAI_BCR1, as it's confusing and won't match the style in other IPs' chapters nor the registers names in the CMSIS-mandated headers. I don't say my style is better.