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USART VCP connections on NUCLEO-L432KC

Question asked by Sebastian K. on Jan 2, 2018
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I just bought a NUCLEO-L432KC board. I understand that of its 2 USARTs the USART2 is connected to the ST-Link Virtual Com Port via pins PA2 and PA15.


The RX pin PA15 apparently is not broken out on the Nucleo board, so I cannot use it to connect another device. But in CubeMX I have the possibility to define PA3 as an alternate USART2_RX pin, which is accessible on the board.


If I wanted to use both USARTs to connect devices that send data to the L432, can I re-route the pins like that without breaking the capability to program the chip from the PC? I guess that PA15 is still physically connected to the VCP via the solder bridge, but can it still be used then to erase/re-program the chip? Or will I brick my board once I upload a software with that pin assignment?