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How to solve linker error "Undefined symbol" ? in KEIL uVision5 ?

Question asked by Marco Israel on Jan 1, 2018
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I implemented the folloing codesnipped (using to set the USART baudrate). :

    uint32_t periphclk = LL_RCC_GetUSARTClockFreq(LL_RCC_USART2_CLKSOURCE);
    uint32_t oversampling = LL_USART_GetOverSampling(USART2);
    if (periphclk != LL_RCC_PERIPH_FREQUENCY_NO)

But I get the following linking error out ouf the first snipping line:

.\Objects\simpel_gpio_test.axf: Error: L6218E: Undefined symbol LL_RCC_GetUSARTClockFreq (referred from main.o).
Not enough information to list image symbols.
Not enough information to list load addresses in the image map.


Can someone explain me, how to give the linker the needed information? If I use a hardcoded periphclk  or if I use  __LL_RCC_* macros like __LL_RCC_CALC_MSI_FREQ(), the code compile and link without erros....


I'm using KEIL uVison5.


Does some hase any idea? ...


Thank you so much