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ADC with DMA FIFO Circular mode Memory Config Doubt

Question asked by v.ramasubbu on Jan 3, 2018

Hi Everyone,


Am using STM32F407 MCU


I have 6 adc channels configured as in ADC scan mode with DMA.

first sequence value repeated for next 3 sequences.and 5 sequence value repeat in the sixth sequence.

I have doubt in the configuration of DMA FIFO  


So please check and let me know whether i made a mistake.the below DMA configuration i have done 


Circular mode Enabled

MemSize    =  Halfword 

PerSize      =   Halfword

FIFOLevel  =  1/2(2word)        (Pburst * PSize)

Pburst        =   4

Mburst       =   4

NDTR        =   24    (6*(4*2/2))  (Circular mode)

Memory Increment Enabled