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Does the STM32L496ZG Nucleo-144 LL_HAL lib work correctly?

Question asked by Marco Israel on Dec 30, 2017



is someone using a STM32L496ZG Nucleo-144 Board? I tried to set up a blinky LED via LL_hal functions, as well as an USART. But without any result. The led is still off and the usart doesnt work. 


When I set each bit on my own, the led blinks. (To do this with uart gives me a lot of compiler errors. See my other post. So I cant test this currently).


When I try the same (blinky LED and USART) with a STM32F072 Nucleo-64 board, everythink works find, including to receive values in my terminal via USART.


Is my Nucleo-144 defect or doesnt the lib work correct? Does someone hase any experience?


What can I do, if my board is defekt (which is kindly new..)?


Kind regards