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Compiler erros in stm32l4xx_ll_usart.h and stm32l4xx_ll_rcc.h

Question asked by Marco Israel on Dec 30, 2017
Latest reply on Jan 4, 2018 by Marco Israel

Hello together,


I try to make my first, baby steps with cortex controller.


Currently I try to set up an USART and using the free edition of uVision 5. When I try to compile my code I get about 2*30erros out of  stm32l4xx_ll_usart.h (which I had copied in my project folder.) which are always the both below:



_STATIC_INLINE void LL_USART_EnableDirectionTx(USART_TypeDef *
_SRC\../_HDR/../_HDR/stm32l4xx_ll_usart.h(649): error: #90: function returning function is not allowed

_STATIC_INLINE void LL_USART_EnableDirectionTx(USART_TypeDef *
_SRC\../_HDR/../_HDR/stm32l4xx_ll_usart.h(649): error: #141-D: unnamed prototyped parameters not allowed when body is present
__STATIC_INLINE void LL_USART_EnableDirectionTx(USART_TypeDef *USARTx)
_SRC\../_HDR/../_HDR/stm32l4xx_ll_usart.h(660): error: #79: expected a type specifier


Does someone has any ideas? I also try to compile a project out of the example folders. This works fine without any erros (exapt that I cant recieve any information via usart in my terminal. Maybe the lib doesent work correct? But that is an other problem for a new thread ...). So I try to check and copy the project setting. But without success, unfortunately. Still about 60 compiler erros...