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Can't trigger ADC1 from TIM1 event

Question asked by Diego Colombo on Dec 29, 2017
Latest reply on Jan 5, 2018 by Diego Colombo
Help needed,please.
I'm using CubeMx and STM32Workbench,STM32F410 on a custom board
I can't trigger ADC1 from TIM1,
TIM1 does generatean interrupt on compare channel 1,and i can see it,because i call a pin toggle in the interrupt routine and i have it on the oscilloscope.
This event should trigger the start of the ADC1,setting at 0b100 the MMS bits in TIM1->CR2 register,and in CubeMx the ADC External Trigger Conversion Source is associated to this event.
Anyway no ADC conversion starts,i set a trap on the ADC->DR register if different from zero,but no way.
Please,do you have some hints to check where the error could be?Is there any register that i can check or force to see the ADC working once,at least?