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STM32 Controller need Hard Reset after power on to start Booting

Question asked by Dhvanish Parekh on Dec 29, 2017
Latest reply on Jan 4, 2018 by Dhvanish Parekh

Hi All,


I am using the STM32L476 series controller in one of my projects. It is working as expected for all interfaces connected. But we are facing an issue of self-boot here.


We have observed following things during debugging:

  1. The controller starts booting after power ON/OFF sequence when it is connected with ST-Link debugger.
  2. As soon as I remove debugger and do ON/OFF sequence it fails to start booting process. Everytime we have to provide the manual reset to the controller to start booting.
  3. Out of 10 ON/OFF sequence, Controller hardly starts booting in 2 random times.
  4. Here I have also tried connecting BOOT0 pin with GND through 10K resistor.


For your reference, I have attached its schematic.


Let me know if any other details required.



Dhvanish Parekh