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STM32F030R8T6 Programming Via UART

Question asked by Burak Günay on Dec 26, 2017

Hello everyone .. 


I have an important question .. 

I am designing a circuit with this MCU and I want it to be programmed via UART lines .. So for this , as far as I read the reference manual , I need to put it to the system memory mode .. Please correct me If I'm wrong , I think all I need to program it via UART as a list is  ;


1. A jumper that draws BOOT0 pin to VDD level ...

2. A button that resets the NRST pin for communicating with Flash Loader Demonstrator Software of ST

3. UART lines ...

4. And of course a proper supply for the MCU (All VDDs and GNDs ..)


When I run the Flash Loader Demonstrator Software and click next all these are going to be sufficient to advance to the programming page ? What confuses me is the nBOOT1 bit of option register ... Is it automatically change to 1 ?


Thanks in advance ..