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LWIP ....what am i doing wrong?

Question asked by Andrew C on Dec 21, 2017
Latest reply on Dec 22, 2017 by Andrew C

I am trying to get LWIP and use it as a client... I scoured demos and I was able to produce what I think is working code. I set it up so I simply spam the server with a message so i can see that i am actually sending something (sort like you do with serial read outs). The problem is I am not sure I am testing it right as I am getting nothing. The ST demo says to use echotool, but that does not work on Windows 10. I downloaded SocketTest, but after I set everything up, I get nothing. I set up the code to use the ip address that windows has for my ethernet port, but I still do not get a response. Any tips on what to look for? Also I attached my project in case you wanted to see it.