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STM32L4 and F1 RTC Alarm HAL libraries

Question asked by fallah.omid on Dec 22, 2017



HAL libraries are used to make easy project porting from a series or MCU to another one ...

I just found a trouble, i used RTC ALARM in L4 and L0 MCU and set a fixed time to make alarm each 24 hours. it works with no problem but in F1 series, after each alarm, it doesn't set the registers for next 24hours automatically.

in L0 and L4 series also it doesn't set alarm registers again, but because of circulating structure of RTC registers, the alarm will interrupt again in 24 hours later when registers match again.

but in F1 series, the RTC counter is a 32bit forward counting register only, so no match will occur again if you don't update alarm registers.

This difference makes the code of L0 and L4 not usable on F1 directly. i suggest the code for updating Alram registers be added to F1 series HAL libraries in RTC ALRAM handle routine.