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SPWF0SA21 -   +WIND:45:Dot11 AuthIllegal 28679/55

Question asked by Andre Petronilho on Dec 20, 2017

I was using a SPWF0SA11 module in my application and it was working fine, when I changed to the production PN, that is SPWF0SA21 I am not able to connect to the module in MiniAP mode. The following message is received from the module:


+WIND:1:Poweron (170111-665d284-SPWF02S)

+WIND:13:STM SPWF01SA21 IWM: Copyright (c) 2012-2016 STMicroelectronics, Inc. All rights Reserved.

+WIND:3:Watchdog Running

+WIND:0:Console active

+WIND:32:WiFi Hardware Started

+WIND:26:WiFi Started AP with network 'CERVEJEIRAMEMO'

+WIND:24:WiFi Up:

+WIND:45:Dot11 AuthIllegal 28679/55

+WIND:45:Dot11 AuthIllegal 37612/237

+WIND:45:Dot11 AuthIllegal 37614/239


The mobile that is trying to connect to the module show an message that authentication was not possible.

with the SPWF0SA11 module the message that I receive from the module when mobile connects is:

+WIND:28:Station 30:07:4D:82:72:50 Associated

+WIND:29:DHCP reply for


Please Help, this is urgent. Product is going into production soon.


I am also attachign some logs with dump configuration from both modules.