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how would i turn this into 4 bit mode?

Question asked by j g on Dec 20, 2017

[code]#include "lcd.h" void lcd_delayus(unsigned int us) //blocking delay for LCD, argument is approximate number of micro-seconds to delay { unsigned char i; while(us--) { for(i=0; iBSRR=(0xff<<(LCD_D0_pin+16)); //clear data lines LCD_PORT->BSRR=(d<<lcd_d0_pin); put="" data="" on="" lines="" }="" void="" lcd_strobe(void)="" 10us="" high="" pulse="" lcd="" enable="" line="" {="" lcd_delayus(10);="" set_lcd_e();="" clr_lcd_e();="" cmdlcd(unsigned="" char="" cmd)="" sends="" a="" byte="" to="" the="" control="" register="" waitlcdbusy();="" wait="" for="" be="" not="" busy="" clr_lcd_rs();="" command="" clr_lcd_rw();="" write="" set_lcd_data(cmd);="" set="" bus="" lcd_strobe();="" apply="" putlcd(unsigned="" put)="" display="" set_lcd_rs();="" text="" set_lcd_data(put);="" initlcd(void)="" systemcoreclockupdate();="" rcc-="">AHB1ENR|=RCC_AHB1ENR_GPIODEN; //enable LCD port clock //CONFIG LCD GPIO PINS LCD_PORT->MODER&=~( //clear pin direction settings (3u<<(2*LCD_RS_pin)) |(3u<<(2*LCD_RW_pin)) |(3u<<(2*LCD_E_pin)) |(0xffff<<(2*LCD_D0_pin)) ); LCD_PORT->MODER|=( //reset pin direction settings to digital outputs (1u<<(2*LCD_RS_pin)) |(1u<<(2*LCD_RW_pin)) |(1u<<(2*LCD_E_pin)) |(0x5555<<(2*LCD_D0_pin)) ); //LCD INIT COMMANDS clr_LCD_RS(); //all lines default low clr_LCD_RW(); clr_LCD_E(); lcd_delayus(25000); //25ms startup delay cmdLCD(0x38); //Function set: 2 Line, 8-bit, 5x7 dots cmdLCD(0x0c); //Display on, Cursor blinking command cmdLCD(0x01); //Clear LCD cmdLCD(0x06); //Entry mode, auto increment with no shift } [/code] and here is my header file. [code]#ifndef _LCD_H_ #define _LCD_H_ #define LCD_PORT GPIOD #define LCD_RS_pin 11 #define LCD_RW_pin 12 #define LCD_E_pin 13 #define LCD_D0_pin 0 #define LCD_LINE1 0x80 #define LCD_LINE2 0xc0 #define set_LCD_RS() LCD_PORT->BSRR=(1u<<lcd_rs_pin) #define="" clr_lcd_rs()="" lcd_port-="">BSRR=(1u<<(LCD_RS_pin+16)) #define set_LCD_RW() LCD_PORT->BSRR=(1u<<lcd_rw_pin) #define="" clr_lcd_rw()="" lcd_port-="">BSRR=(1u<<(LCD_RW_pin+16)) #define set_LCD_E() LCD_PORT->BSRR=(1u<<lcd_e_pin) #define="" clr_lcd_e()="" lcd_port-="">BSRR=(1u<<(LCD_E_pin+16)) #define LCD_CLR() cmdLCD(0x01) #define set_LCD_bus_input() LCD_PORT->MODER&=~(0xffff<<(2*LCD_D0_pin)) #define set_LCD_bus_output() LCD_PORT->MODER|=(0x5555<<(2*LCD_D0_pin)) #include void lcd_delayus(unsigned int us); void WaitLcdBusy(void); void set_LCD_data(unsigned char d); void LCD_strobe(void); void cmdLCD(unsigned char cmd); void putLCD(unsigned char put); void initLCD(void); #endif [/code]