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STM32F3 CAN Bus example using HAL Library

Question asked by David Pekin on Dec 20, 2017
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I'm trying to bring up the CAN bus on the STM23F303RE nucleo board and am having some difficulty determining which way to go.  I've been unable to find a HAL library example for this platform.  Can anyone point me to one?  I have found a HAL example for the STM32F4 but that target has different peripherals.  


Also, I see three different possible design approaches for this project.  It's a fairly simple control loop that we're developing.  The 3 options seem to be:

   1. Code system using HAL library.

   2. Use STMCube for development (but why is there no CAN example for STMCube and the STM32F3xx?)

   3. I see the ARM-Mbed program but am not familiar with the benefits or roadblocks of using that RTOS.  (I don't think we need an RTOS)


Thanks for any suggestions here.


- Dave