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speed feedback fault

Question asked by breinbauer.bernhard on Jan 15, 2014
Latest reply on Jan 23, 2014 by Gigi

I've set up the a project with the MC lib from ST, but I run into issues with the hall sensors (I suspect). When I try to start the motor via the MC workbench, the motor makes a small hitch and then stops. The workbench reports a speed feedback fault.
Below are some scope shots which show on CH1 the voltage applied to "phase A". CH2-4 show the hall sensors 1 to 3.
The images show that the motor control starts operating but stops after the first few edges from the hall sensors. I already tried increasing the "Input capture filter duration" and the caps for the hall sensor signals but no luck yet.
Does someone of the experts have an idea what might be wrong in my setup?
(BTW. I also tried the sensorless configuration, there the motor runs for a few seconds but then stops with start-up failure, I'm not sure if this is related?)