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Composite USB device CDCs STM32F105

Question asked by Valentin Grimaldi on Dec 20, 2017
Latest reply on Mar 31, 2018 by Ben K



I'm working with a STM32F105 board with USB, UART and  CAN ports. I wish  when I connect the board with a computer through USB, multiple VCP are detected.


What I understand is that each interface in a USB composite device need their endpoint. So if I want one VCP for UART and one for CAN I might need 1 common control endpoint, 2 endpoints for UART bulk  and 2 others for CAN bulk. Am I correct ?


In the STM32F1 reference manual(23.2) I can read that there is up to 8 endpoint for the USB but in the Connectivity line for STM32F105/107(2.3.22) there is only 4 bidirectional endpoints. Does it mean that what I'm trying to do with multiple VCP is not possible for my microcontroller ? Or is there 8 monodirectectional endpoints ?


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