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Question asked by Maxime TORRELLI on Dec 20, 2017



I am working with the SPBTLE-RF module interfaced with a freescale IMX6 microcontroller.

Right now I am porting the Beacon example code to my platform (WEC2013) and I am facing an issue with the SPI communication. When sending the Header (0x0A00000000 or 0x0B00000000), the reply from the component is 0x047F000600.
My guess is that I am pulling the Chip Select too early. I have 40 microseconds between the moment when I pull down the CS and the moment of the first clock tick (cf. "signaux I2C2-00002--00002.png" attached below, deltaX=40us).


I also attach to this post 2 others screenshots of the exchange corresponding to the header. You will see that the answer from the module SPBTLE-RF starts with 0x04 instead of 0x02.


Thanks for your help.