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M24LR64E-R compatible with iPhone CoreNFC?

Question asked by Brian Schrock on Dec 19, 2017
Latest reply on Dec 20, 2017 by Jean-Louis Labyre

I'm using a M24LR64E-R and I can't seem to get the ST NFC Tap iPhone app to recognize it. I can get it to work with the M24LR-discovery board which has the M24LR04E-R on it.


I'm pretty sure I have a valid NDEF record on the M24LR64E-R. However, when I read both tags with the Android ST25 app, it lists "NFC type V - ISO/IEC 15693" for the discovery board, but only lists "ISO/IEC 15693" for my board. I have even tried saving the memory from the discovery board and dumping it on mine, with no luck.


Is it possible to read a M24LR64E-R with an iPhone?