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STM32H7 USB HS BenchMark

Question asked by Bharat Kumar Bacha on Dec 19, 2017

Hi I am using STM32H743xi evaluation board and would like to know the maximum practical speed which can achieved for bulk transfers in both DMA and non-DMA modes?


USB HS is configured for 2 bulk endpoints (EP3-Tx and EP3-Rx) with maxpacket size of 512, EP3-FIFO size of 1536 bytes, global Rx FIFO of 2048 bytes. The best bit rate I have achieved with HAL-drivers is in DMA mode(125 Mbps) with transfer of Tx FIFO size(1536) every time an DataIN interrupt occurs. Tested with two different TxFIFOLVL interrupts (half empty and full empty) but it did not help me much in gaining bandwidth.


The buffer provided to HAL-drivers is from RAM_D1. 

USB Clock: 48 MHz.



Bharat B