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remote control with SPWF01SA

Question asked by Nico Aprile on Dec 19, 2017
Latest reply on Dec 22, 2017 by Nico Aprile

I have to use the SPWF01S module to do a remote control by means a smartphone. The SPWF01S module communicates via UART with an electronic board connected to an asynchronous motor. I want to send to the electronic board the START, STOP, DIRECTION and SPEED commands and I want to read cyclically the motor status (SPEED and other parameter). In the future I'm going to use a custom smartphone app but for the moment I will use the browser web page. 

I followed the "wifi Training - Hands On - FW3.5.pdf" and the "AN4902" application note by ST. Now I can send a chars string to the module but I don't know how to read CYCLICALLY the data from the module. I read that #input SSI command allows to receive a chars string from the module. Using the "input_demo.shtml" page I managed to receive a chars string from the module after pushing the "Submit" button. In my case don't need the "Submit" button because I have to read cyclically. Can you tell me how to do to read cyclically every (for example) 100 milliseconds?