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CAN example for STM32F303RE Nucleo-64

Question asked by David Pekin on Dec 19, 2017



I'm new to the CAN bus protocol and I'm wondering if anyone knows if the standard peripherals CAN example works on the dev board I have (stm32f303 Nucleo-64).  The readme for the example program indicates that "Jumper J4 must be fitted in the 1-2 position"  and "Jumper J3 must be fitted".  There is no jumper J-3 that I can find and the area marked J4 only has holes for the jumper posts on the board and there are only 2 holes.   Has anyone successfully used these examples?


Also, CAN is defined in the HAL library but I can't find any example programs for CAN using the HAL interface.  Am I missing something?  


Any pointers to example projects or links would be appreciated.