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STM32 Microcontroller USB interface

Question asked by Edwin kaus on Dec 18, 2017



I am working with STM32F7 MCU in custom board, Actually it has two onboard MCU(both are STM32F7 microcontroller), Now my first task is to establish USB communication between two MCU's . I tried by configuring one MCU as host and another as device (USB_CDC class), but I couldn't able get any progress in this . The same configuration I tried between two Nucleo board in that I can send/receive data , But in this board I am facing the issue.


Can Anybody suggest how to start and which example I need to use , Also I need some clarity on Which USB class is better to communicate two MCU's . 

In our board USB_DP & USB_DM pins of one MCU are directly connected USB_DP & USB_DM of another MCU's, and we are not using VBUS pins.