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SPWF04SA problem with miniAP actication

Question asked by Konstantinos Ifantidis on Dec 18, 2017
Latest reply on Dec 18, 2017 by Elio Cometti

Hello there!

I would like to ask what i'm doing wrong in activating the miniAP with my SPWF04SA. I've read SPWF04SA's datasheet, UM2114, AN4964 and most of "WiFi Training Hands on SPWF04SA module" pdf. I have 2-3 modules IDW04A1 and a couple NUCLEO-L053R8 boards. In the beginning i just grabbed a USB to Serial converter (FTDI) and used it to communicate with the IDW04A1 module. After communication was OK, i downloaded "Flash Loader Demonstrator" version 2.8 and updated via UART SPWF04SA's firmware. The firmware installed is "SPWF04S-171117-0328fe3-Release.hex". In the STSW_WIFI004 folder i saw "SPWF04S-171117-0328fe3-Full.hex" file. Is this file the same as "SPWF04S-171117-0328fe3-Release.hex" ?? (Anyway i haven't tried this one yet).

Next i tried some basic commands and some python scripting with AT commands and usb2serial converter setup and everything worked. But when i tried to setup a miniAP, it didn't work out at all. After many tries, resets, and factory default resets I hooked up IDW04A1 on NUCLEO-L053R8 board and miniAP mode worked with first try. After 10 minutes of celebrating of my success i decided to switch again to my humble usb2serial converter. The module responded that it had started the miniAP but my smartphone and laptop weren't able to find my miniAP. I would like to mention also that i have used the module in 9600 and in 115200 baud rates. I have attached photos with the setups that i have used. And the code for setting the miniAP which was the same for every setup that I've used.


AT+S.SCFG=console_enabled,2<CR> // I used thisone because i wanted to experiment with uP after setting the miniAP. (I think console_enabled,2 doesn't affect the miniAP feature)








AT+S.WCFG<CR> // I saved Configs in order to save WIFI=1 configuration in order after every reset the module to enter in miniAP mode.

Those are the AT commands that i have used in both setups via my PC serial terminal.




I'm adding the following text files. They are the Serial comm with the module after resetting to factory default configurations with AT+S.FCFG<CR> command. Also I've added the configuration and status lists which I've generated right after the "SPWF04SA SERIAL RESPONSE".


To summarize:
I would like to know which FW I've to install. ("SPWF04S-171117-0328fe3-Release.hex" or "SPWF04S-171117-0328fe3-Full.hex")

Is there any other configuration that NUCLEO-L053R8 FW sets up for the SPWF04SA that I haven't  ?!

I want to achieve this:

1) software checks (hw pin) whether is can run business as usual or start-up in the configuration mode
2) If Business as usual nothing special; use uP example code
3) If configuration mode:
  Start SPWF04SA access-point and launch web-page showing the existing SSID, password and authorisation code. Modify these values and store the values in FLASH or in EEPROM

4) Reset and go all over again.


Best regards, K.Ifantidis.