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SPI test with other boards

Question asked by Jeevan Rudramurthy on Dec 18, 2017
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We have tested the SPI example code provided from ST disco board  with other boards like atmel controller.


Atmel as master and ST disco board as slave.


We have connected

Atmel                ST/FPGA

MOSI                     MOSI

MISO                     MISO

SCK                         SCK

NSS                         NSS


We have set both board side clock frequency 86khz,

Clock Polarity 0

Clock phase 0


SPI Slave(ST) written data to master(Atmel) is below


we have observed the data as below table, other data we have attached.


Data                Binary           LSB/MSB      No of bit shift

0x20(Real)     0010 0000                -                     -

0x10               0001 0000           LSB                1 bit shift on right

0x80               1000 0000           MSB                2 bit shift on left


When we made slave(ST)side LSB or MSB orientation data shift is happening as above,


Can you please suggest me what is the issue.


the other data observed is attached.