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LSM6DSL accelerometer sensitivity & offset changes with temperature

Question asked by Jolis Swann on Dec 18, 2017
Latest reply on Dec 19, 2017 by Miroslav B

Hi everyone,

I am using the lsm6dsl mems. For my application, I need to calibrate the device in order to get the more precise values.

My calibration method is as follows :

- I measure the +/-1g in each axe

- I set the sensitivity with the full scale in LSB (from -1g to +1g)

- I set the offset by comparing the top value (+1g) and the bottom value (-1g) (for example if I get -1900 and +2100, I set the offset as -100)

My questions are :

- Is the calibration method correct?

- I observe big gaps with temperature changes (like 10 times the typical values given in the datasheet). Is it normal or there is something that I'm doing wrong?

- For temperature compensation, is it reliable to use typical values given in the datasheet or should I estimate it by measurment?


I hope my message is clear, sorry for my English.