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How to test FLASH_EraseBlock() in STM8AFxx  using STVD

Question asked by Siva Sankar Chandika on Dec 18, 2017

I followed the below steps to execute the Sample code provided by ST.
 - For Cosmic Compiler:
   1- Uncommented the "#define RAM_EXECUTION  (1)" line in the stm8s.h file,

  2- In STVD Select Project\Settings\Linker\Category "input" and in the RAM section
    add the FLASH_CODE segment with "-ic" options.



still I am unable to test the FLASH_ProgramBlock(), FLASH_EraseBlock().


By doing the above settings execution is not entering in to FLASH_ProgramBlock(), FLASH_EraseBlock(). APIs when I am placing breakpoints.


please let me know any thing I have to set in STVD or Sample Code to edit.


I am looking forward for your response.



Thanks in advance. 

Siva Sankar Chandika