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S2-LP Sigfox Application

Question asked by L J on Dec 15, 2017



I am trying to develop a Sigfox application with the S2-LP transceiver.

I bought the STEVAL-FKI868V1 evaluation kit and I downloaded the STSW-S2LP-SFX-DK software.

Everything works well with the kit, but now I need to use the S2-LP with an other microcontroller for my application.

However, I discovered that the Sigfox libraries provided in the software tool are compiled for ARM cores, so I can't use them.

I also couldn't find any application note about a Sigfox application with the S2-LP, so I have no idea how to make the transceiver work.

Does anyone know how to configure the registers of the S2-LP to send data over Sigfox ?

Or is there an application note about the subject that I would have missed ?


Thank you in advance for any answer,