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Low speed Control Problem of BLDC Motor by FOC SDK 4.3

Question asked by hong.jin_hyun on Dec 15, 2017



Now I tried to activate Low Voltage BLDC Motor(Model : Shinano LA052-080E3NL1) using by 'STM32F PMSM single/dual FOC SDK v4.3'.


The hardware configuration is following below :


     Control Board : STM32303C-EVAL

     Power Stage : STEVAL-IHM023V2

     BLDC Motor : LA052-080E3NL1


As follow instruction in user manual, I could activated BLDC Motor.


in this point, I have some questions about FOC SDK 4.3.


question 1)

     But, BLDC Motor couldn't run in low speed using by sensorless FOC Control and sixstep control method.

     Is it avoidable problem of BLDC Motor or did I something miss?


question 2)

     What is the "Stop Ramp" function in monitor of ST Motor Workbench?

     I didn't see this function working when I click that button. even it dosen't exactly descrived in user manual.


question 3)

     is there exist 'sensored FOC control of BLDC' in 'STM32F PMSM single/dual FOC SDK v4.3'?