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On STM3220G eval CAN network example fails in HAL_CAN_Transmit()

Question asked by khemkar.sapana on Dec 15, 2017
Latest reply on Dec 28, 2017 by T J


I have two STM3220G evl boards. I want to have CAN communication between these two boards.

I am running standard CAN network example provided in STM32Cube_FW_F2_V1.6.0.

Jumper settings are as below

JP3 - 2 and 3 (CAN1)

JP10 - 2 and 3 (CAN1)

JP9 - connected to enable load register

CAN cable used is

Below are my observations

1. Some times demo works as expected

2. Most of the times HAL_CAN_Transmit() fails and return timeout error. When I check CAN message using logic analyzer I observed that it is showing NAK. Why CAN controller sending NAK? Is there any extra configuration required?

3. Some times HAL_CAN_Transmit() is successful but no receive interrupt on another board.


Has anyone observed same behavior?

Is there any bug in HAL library or issue with my setup? I read on community that F4 HAL had same issue in V1.6 but it has been fixed in V1.7.

Appreciate views and comments.


Thanks in advance.