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Current consumption STM32L (Sleep mode)

Question asked by Jorge TAPIA on Dec 13, 2017

I’m really new in the use of the end-devices and I have some troubles to achieve a low consumption in sleep mode (I get 0,13mA).


I’m using in my end device the CMWX1ZZABZ-078 micro-controller with a Chipset: Semtech (SX1276) + STM (STM32L) which is the same micro-controller of B-L072Z-LRWAN1 LoRa Discovery kit (I also bought this card to start working with Lora). I use the example “LRWAN-NS1” from the I_CUBE_LRWAN which is an example to start a simple use of a LORA end-device.


I saw that it’s able to get something around 4uA which is something really useful for my project. I use a 2600mAh cell (I don’t have the equipment to measure the sending time). I have 3 currents in my Lora end-device ( 1.- Sleep mode: 0.13mA. 2.- Wake-up: 6,05mA. 3.- Data sending: 23mA.).


You can see my circuit in the attached file, so you can see that I connect the VDD_TCXO with PA12.


It’s been a couple of weeks that I’m trying to understand the sleep mode to be sure that I’m able to go lower than 0,13mA for a longer time life of my batteries. I appreciate any help you can give me to keep going with this end device.


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