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Starting to work with STM32H753I Evaluation Board

Question asked by fernando maldonado on Dec 13, 2017
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Imen D Frederic Le Cam

Hi Imen,

Hi Frederic,


In our company, we started using STMicrocontroller MCUs.


At the moment, I'm using the STM32H753I Discovery Board, and I dare to ask if it is possible to use the device from the USB OTG HS, with software developed within the microSD Card, as in default conditions of the Discovery Board comes from the factory -without removing R254 SB48 SB28 SB29.


The reason for my question is that when reading the document UM2199 - "Evaluation board with STM32H753XI MCU" "User Manual", I understand that it is necessary to make changes in other jumpers while in table 9 on page 20/69 reports another indication.


Thank you very much for your warm kindly answer.




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