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STM32F4 RNDIS Ethernet Frame Receive problem

Question asked by Shail Shah on Dec 13, 2017

Hello all,


     We are working on STM32F4xx Controller. We need to receive Ethernet frame from PC to micro controller for that we are using USB RNDIS Profile and CDC Class. After sending the Ethernet frame we are not getting data in RNDIS Buffer.


H/W : STM32F4xx

USB Device : RNDIS Profile

Need to receive data frame of Ethernet from PC to stm32f4xx microcontroller.


(1) Provide proper input or reference to get Ethernet frame from PC to micro controller?

(2) What are setting need to do in windows like speed, configuration setting, if required?

(3) Should data length of receive data size not matching with receive buffer ?

(4) Should we need to use TCP stack to get Ethernet frame ?