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STM32MAT-Target V 4.4.2 - Matlab 2017b - Truestudio 8.1

Question asked by Felix Lebeau on Dec 12, 2017
Latest reply on Dec 13, 2017 by AvaTar

Hello i am new to the Forum and i hope some of you can help me with issues regarding the STM32MAT-Target and the Atollic Toolchain.


The installed Matlab Version is 2017b and the STM32Cube MX i am using is V 4.23 with the Atollic Toolchain 8.1.


The Problem i am facing with is kind of a STM32Cube MX problem i think. When i am building a simple STM32F4DISC Project with the basic settings for the microcontroler and implementing this in a folder, i the bulding process of the atollic truestudio project is fine. But when i open the buildet truestudio Project i have several include issues from .h files and .s files regarding the HAL-Library and the Simulink-Model files.


So i tryed different Version of Cube MX and found kind of a strange behaviour. When i installed the CubeMX Version 4.19 with a new created ioc file regarding a simple STM32F4DISC Project with the basic settings and the right toolchain, the project includes now the right HAL-Library but not also not the .h and .s files of the Simulink Model.


Attached you can find the Screenshots of the Project generated with CubeMX V 4.23.


Is this a known issue with MATLAB 2017b and CubeMX V.23 ?