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How to use SD2 for Serial read/write on SPC570S-DISP

Question asked by Job Shen on Dec 12, 2017
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I am using sample application for serial operation on SPC570S-DISP, from serial_lld.c, it looks like SD1 is mapped to LINFLEX0 and SD2 is mapped to LINFLEX1. I have no problem read/write SD1, however i need at least 2 serial port, one for console and one for API. But when i add a line of code "sd_lld_start (&SD2, NULL); " after the original "sd_lld_start(&SD1, NULL);", the application stops working. Debug showing it is stuck in the first xTaskCreate (...) function call i had. If i comment out the sd_lld_start for SD2, then the xTaskCreate function call can complete and application works.


I wonder what i have missed.

I have set the SPC570Sxx Low Level Drivers Component RLA/LINFlex Settings/LINFLEX1 to Serial (default was None). I don't know if there is any other place i need to change.


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