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When FreeRTOS software timer enabled, SPC570Sxx_RLA FreeRTOS SERIAL Test Application fail to work

Question asked by Job Shen on Dec 12, 2017
Latest reply on Dec 18, 2017 by Luigi Zambrano


I am using the sample application SPC570Sxx_RLA FreeRTOS SERIAL Test Application for Discovery and my hardware is the SPC570S-DISP board.


I found that if i enable the "Use software timers" in the SPC5 FreeRTOS component RLA, then generate and build the code, and program the board, debug through it, it suppose to stay in the "vTaskStartScheduler();", but it doen't. It will step through it and fail the sample application. I wonder what is the cause for the failure? According to FreeRTOS documentation, if it run out of heap or other problem, it will step out of the vTaskStartScheduler().


Did i do something wrong or the software timer is not supported?


BTW, i noticed the Timer task stack depth is 2048, is that too much? I sort of noticed that during my experiment of my application, if i asked for 1000 stack depth for my task, the application will fail. But for the timer task stack depth, the range is 1024 - 8192.


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