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First Time Connection SPWF04SA - Faild   ,please help

Question asked by maor.yaniv.001 on Dec 12, 2017
Latest reply on Dec 14, 2017 by Mridupawan Das

Hello running the example code  : WIFI_Example_Client_Socket


using SPWF04SA


also the server program in the st utility ip (checked with external socket.exe and worekd)



but the WIFI_Example_Client_Socket  moo working or sending data please view the log...





*                                                      *



* X-CUBE-WIFI1 Expansion Software v3.1.0               *



* X-NUCLEO-IDW0xx1 Wi-Fi Configuration.                *



* Client-Socket Example                                *



*                                                      *






Do you want to setup SSID?(y/n):y



Enter the SSID:




Enter the password:




Enter the encryption mode(0:Open, 1:WEP, 2:WPA2/WPA2-Personal):




Enter the Hostname (Apache Server):










* Configuration Complete                                     *



* Port Number:32000, Protocol: TCP/IP                        *



* Please make sure a server is listening at given hostname   *








Initializing the wifi module...



Build Configuration:

Nucleo: NUCLEO-L476RG

X-Nucleo: X-NUCLEO-IDW04A1

Interface: UART


with the flowing setup :


then when it freeze / stoped