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Hard_fault Handler error

Question asked by mohit rai on Dec 9, 2017
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I am using STM32f4 discovery board. On this board, I am using 2 timer interrupt(TIM2 & TIM3) and 1 external interrupt(External interrupt for reading data from the external board).TIM2 is generating an interrupt after 1 second and TIM2 after 125 microseconds.


When I run my code enable all interrupts. it gets stuck in the hard fault handler.
I have tried by changing the interrupt time and priority both.


When I enable only two interrupts, my code is working properly.
enable only tim2 and external is working.
enable only tim3 and external interrupt is working.
enable only tim2 and tim3 is working.


What can be the cause of Hard fault handler?


Thanks in advance.


Mohit Rai