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SPBT3.0DP2 Firware upgrade not working.

Question asked by Lokesh Kumar K on Dec 8, 2017
Latest reply on Mar 27, 2018 by Andrea Cucchi


We are able communicate to SPBT3.0DP2 module through UART. we are interested in downloading the new firmware to the Bluetooth module and hence we followed the steps given in the document "SPBT3.0DPx BT module
Firmware Update Procedure,Revision 1.0
". But we are unable to download the Firmware.  We followed Below steps.

* Connect the SPBT3.0DP2 to PC through UART. press reset. The response was received with Bluetooth address. and communication was done between BTterm app and PC hyper terminal.

* switch off the Device.

* Now Connect BOOT0 pin to 1.8V supply. and connect UART lines to PC.

       Note: *Since flow control is none not using RTS and CTS  pins, Pins are left floating.

                * UART to USB converter is used. the Prolific UART  to USB Converter is used.

* Power on the Board. press Reset Button.

* Open software "Demonstrator GUI" for loading flash files. configure the UART for Parity = Even, Stops Bits 1, COMport: COM12:

* Clicked on Next. Failure Message is displayed as "Unrecognized device. Please reset your device and try again.


* Tried Resetting the device and repeated the above steps but result was same as mentioned in above step unrecognized device.


Need help on using boot mode and eagrly Looking forward for your suggestions.


Lokesh Kumar K