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How to get started on projects with the f030r8 - where to beign and code to use

Question asked by Tejkaran Samra on Dec 8, 2017
Latest reply on Dec 11, 2017 by Tejkaran Samra

Hi guys

I will give a quick run down so you can gauge my ability, as well as how you can help - which I would very much appreciate

equipment I am using: 
Nucleo F030R8 
ST-Link v2 
Keil uVision5

I started using the Nucleo recently, and it has been a big step up . In the past I used the Arduino comfortably. I made an app for the iphone to control LED lights connected to a Teensy(Arduino adaptation in simple) via bluetooth. I also touched upon the ESP8266 and hosted a webpage.

Since stepping up to the Nucleo I have struggled. I use the STM32CubeMX and downland to Keil. I have done a basic ‘Hello World’ program which is to light up LD2 on my Nucleo. Success (link I used- However, I feel stuck and unsure of what to do now. I do not know the commands to do things. When the code was downloaded to Keil there is a line that reads:


My understanding is this sets off the light when the button is pressed. However, how do I know what all the other commands are? 
If I want to turn on the light, what do I do. and to turn off? 
If I wanted turn on for 2 seconds, turn off for 1, how would I do that?

Then to advance, if i wanted to light up an external led on a breadboard, how would I go about that? and finally are there any projects you recommend I do to get stuck in?

Many thanks in advance, and I will reply as soon as I can