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How to set priorities to the different task in FreeRTOS in STM32F767ZI

Question asked by Chintan Sharma on Dec 8, 2017
Latest reply on Dec 11, 2017 by Chintan Sharma

osThreadDef(Task1, StartTask1, osPriorityHigh, 0, 128);
Task1Handle = osThreadCreate(osThread(Task1), NULL);

/* definition and creation of Task2 */
osThreadDef(Task2, StartTask2, osPriorityNormal, 0, 128);
Task2Handle = osThreadCreate(osThread(Task2), NULL);



I am using FreeRTOS in STM32F767ZI and trying to set the different priorities to two different tasks but it does not affect the output. So, can anyone help me out?