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Streaming buffers of float numbers via ETH (STM32H7 nucleo)

Question asked by Marina Brener on Dec 7, 2017
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I have created via the cubeMX project for my stm32H7 nucleo board, it has Eth + lwip+ freeRTos + dhcp + dma + tcpServer.

I updated the linker file and changed the cube generated code related to the ETH pins, added dhcp thread and added a TCP server thread. 

PS: my MPU is set to 1500, and I do not use cache.



Now I want to stream buffers of float numbers via ethernet,

the tcp server in the example code uses netconn_write to send data, so I used this method as well with the flag NO_COPY, but then, if I send the data to fast the write hangs. If I use vTaskDelay(200) between my writes, all works fine.

I would prefer to perform writes with a callback, so i want to use this callback HAL_ETH_TxCpltCallback but it is not fired,  I can see that the packet is transmitted and I can perform async read from the tcp client, after that HAL_ETH_IRQHandler is firing and this code should be executed but it never does: 


/* Packet transmitted */
/* Transfer complete callback */

/* Clear the Eth DMA Tx IT pending bits */

heth->ErrorCode = HAL_ETH_ERROR_NONE;
heth->gState = HAL_ETH_STATE_READY;


I saw that it was investigated here:… 


Aleksandar Radulovic 


Any help/advise is appreciated!