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SAI1 in stm32f722RET6 ?

Question asked by Ilya Golovkin on Dec 8, 2017

Hi! I'm new to stm32.  I'm trying to  use stm32f722RET6 with WM8510 audiocodec. In CubeMX only SPDIF TX can be selected for SAI1, (I2S/PCM is inactive) . Is it possible to use SAI2 as master receive (I2S protocol) for ADC samples receiving and SAI1 (I2S protocol) for DAC samples output for  stm32f722RET6 chip?



Document "en.STM32F7_Peripheral_SAI.pdf" points that :

The internal synchronization can be used for communications needing two data lanes, such as full-duplex I2S.

The external synchronization can be used for communications needing more than 2 data lanes (up to 4).  For example, when interfacing HDMI ICs. 

All the sub-blocks synchronized together must use the same protocol characteristics.



Can SAI1 in  stm32f722RET6 work as transmitter with I2S protocol when using SAI2 as master receiver using external synchronization between SAI1 and SAI2?