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STM32F0 don't understand reset / bootup / AC6 ST-LINK

Question asked by Ingo Wolf on Dec 6, 2017
Latest reply on Dec 6, 2017 by Clive One

I have follow sequence in my linker script:


.test :
. = ALIGN(4);
LONG ( _estack ) ;
LONG ( Reset_Handler + 1 );
. = ALIGN(4);
} >FLASH (=0x8000000 )


Reset_Handler: /* 0x8001xxx */
ldr r0, =_estack /* Breakpoint */
mov sp, r0  /* set stack pointer */


I don't come to that breakpoint instead some debugger errors with 0xffffffff

Is the reset described somewhere? Isn't a resetvector and stackpointer enough

to jump to Reset_Handler are other vectors checked on reset?


Also my eclipse ac6 st-link debugger seems to have some problems with 

multiple flash sections, while all compiling is fine I get error messages

can't write to flash address 0x8000000 I don't get with one flash section only