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Enable performance monitor

Question asked by David Dieckow on Dec 5, 2017
Latest reply on Dec 11, 2017 by Erwan Y



I'm trying to enable performance monitor on SPC58x series without luck so far. I tried the following:


        e_lis       %r3, 0x8000
        e_or2i      %r3, 0x0000
        mtpmr       400, %r3 # freeze all global counters


        e_lis       %r3, 0x27
        e_or2i      %r3, 0x0000 #event 39
        mtpmr       144, %r3 #set up pipeline stall event in counter 0


        e_lis       %r3, 0x39
        e_or2i      %r3, 0x0000 #event 57
        mtpmr       145, %r3 #set up data cache line fills event in counter 1


        e_lis       %r3, 0x0
        e_or2i      %r3, 0x0
        mtpmr       400, %r3 # un-freeze all global counters


But the counter register (PMCx) do not increase at all. What am I missing?


Thank's, David