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How to use the SOCKDW command correctly over SPI on SPWF04SA?

Question asked by Pascal Zosso on Dec 4, 2017
Latest reply on Jan 22, 2018 by Pascal Zosso

Hello everybody,


Since the release of the new documentation (Datasheet V5 and Command Guide V2), I'm looking for more detailed informations about SPI interface, SPI timing and SPI dialogue.... but the new doc is still poor in informations about SPI (really poor).


After lot of trial, I could send a SOCKDW on my SPI:

02 00 0F 4A 03 01 00 01 00 01 07 AA AA 03 DF 01 01 1F

It means : SOCKDW, sid=0, cid=0, len=7, data is AA AA 03 DF 01 01 1F


After that, I receive the two following reply from SPWF04SA:

02 3A 00 00 00

which I think is a "OK result code" as mention in Command Guide page 14 (see chapter 6.1)


02 3A 21 00 00

which I don't know what it is.... because it is not documented....



So my question is double :

Could we have a proper documentation about the SPI interface (sync reply, dialogue sample, )?


What does the "02 3A 21 00 00" means?



PS: I really appreciate the new example for SPI protocol but the Second example has still its length false and the text about the translate procedure still contains wrong informations about the byte number.


PSPS: the SPI dialogue for SOCKDW in attachment


[EDIT 22.01.2018] I add a SOCKDW example